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The perfect gift below 30

It’s wonderful to gifts to those we care about no matter if it’s for Christmas, birthday, confirmation or just as a sweet gesture no matter the occasion. However, sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to buy, especially if there’s no wish list to use. We want everyone to give just the right presents, which are both personal, unique and something the receiver will be happy about for sure. At Becksöndergaard, we have several small but great gifts below € 30. For example, this can be a pair of cute hair clips, a colourful scrunchie or a cool pair of glitter socks.

Becksöndergaard has made a gift guide with ideas for gifts at € 200 or below. Here, you can get inspiration for what to give your friend as maternity gift or your mom for Mother’s Day. These suggestions can also be used, if you need inspiration for what to put on your own wish list this year, or what to buy for yourself if you’re looking for some self-treatment.

The occasion for giving presents are endless. Vi give Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Valentines gifts, confirmation gifts and graduation gifts. Vi give gifts to our girlfriends, sisters and maybe a good colleague. For Christmas, we often need to buy extra presents for advent calendars that don’t cost too much. Here, you can get inspired by our gift ideas and buy several nice, small gifts online at Becksöndergaard, so you don’t need to shop at several stores. Our selection of gifts has something for every occasion. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift in order for it to truly mean something.

Are you looking for gifts above € 30, you can have a look in our other categories with gift inspiration at under € 75 and gifts under € 150