• Hair accessories for women

    Do you miss inspiration to do your hair in new ways? Then you should consider a feminine headband. At Becksöndergaard we carry headbands for women in three nice colors: ”Baby pink”, ”green milieu” and ”surf blue”. The headbands are elastic, which makes them easy to wear perfectly on the head throughout the day. It is especially a must have to own one or more headscarves. Use them for training, when your bangs won’t stay in place and are annoying, or for a quick and simple redo of your hairdo without difficult techniques and to many styling products. Our headbands for women are made of 100 percent fine cotton, silk and velour knit and are all one size. Keep your hair under control with the nice headscarves. Order it today online or try it at one of our retailers, which you will find under ”Find Store”.

    Headscarves for women – tips for styling

    You can use the headbands both in a loose hairdo or in combination with a styling, where the headscarf will give you an extra touch and also help you keep the small hairs away from the face. Place the headband so that it keeps the hair in place. Or put it around your hair, where you draw a part of the hair in front of the headband, so that your face is still framed by the hair. Kickstart your creativity and experiment with the best look for you. All styles will last, if you are happy with the result.

    Headbands for women with quick delivery

    At Becksöndergaard we ensure a quick delivery of your headscarf. Put your headband in the basket and receive your package within few days. If you regret your purchase of the headband, you will of course have 14 days to return the item for a full refund. Contact us and return the item. You can read everything about our return policy here.
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