By designing a t-shirt with the message “Equality”, The Danish Women’s Society and Becksöndergaard have united to draw attention to the newly opened shelter for battered women and their children at the centre of Copenhagen. The proceeds will be donated to the new shelter and its efforts to create safety and equality for all.

The Danish Women’s Society (DWS) and Becksöndergaard have teamed up to focus on the new shelter aimed at pregnant women and women with small children subjected to domestic violence. The shelter is situated in the building of the former Tegneskolen for Kvinder (The Art School for Women), founded by the DWS in 1875. The shelter offers housing for 20 mothers and their children and was opened on April 20th 2018 in the presence of HRH Crown Princess Mary.

Becksöndergaard usually design accessories but on the occasion of the opening they have designed a limited edition t-shirt with the word “Equality” and the iconic gender symbols in print All the proceeds from the sale are donated to the shelter. The word equality refers to gender equality and emphasizes the wish to build a society where non-violence and equality are fundamental values, Anna Söndergaard says. The designers have decided to draw the message on the t-shirt by hand as a tribute to Tegneskolen for Kvinder, (The Art School for Women), which was one of the first educational institutions for women in Denmark.

Lisa Holmfjord, CEO at The Danish Women Society Shelters, is pleased with the cooperation with the Becksöndergaard designers since the message of equality now can reach a broader audience. “The fight for equality contains many different battles for women and has done so over the years. The t-shirt ties together all of these; from the fight for the right to get an education, to the fight for a life without violence, but with safety and equality”.

The shelter provides security and safety for women who have been exposed to domestic violence. They do so in close cooperation with midwifes and pediatricians as well as encourage the mothers in developing a strengthened relationship to their children and support the children toward a better childhood and an adult life without violence.

The limited edition t-shirt is for sale online for 349 DKK, and the proceeds are donated to the new shelter.

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