Villa love bag

Shoulder bag

€34,50 €69
Becksöndergaard do not use PVC in our production due to the negative environmental footprint. Chlorine is the source of concern with PVC, such as the generation of dioxin, a highly carcinogenic chemical produced in both the manufacture and disposal of PVC.
At Becksöndergaard all our transparent bags are made from EVA. EVA is a non-chlorinated vinyl and 100% chlorine free. EVA has a more milky look, which makes our transparent bags less transparent than the PVC made bags.
  • Chain strap
  • Crossbody
  • Quality: Div Qualities

    Weight: 0.25 kg.

    Color: Black

    Dimensions: 25 x 15,5

    Product id: 18009800010100301

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