The perfect gift under 75

We wish for everyone to give gifts that the receiver enjoys and is very much in line with their taste. Therefore, it can be nice with inspiration within one’s gift budget. At Becksöndergaard, we’ve carefully selected our best gift ideas at € 75 and under, so you no longer have to be uncertain about what to buy for your friend as graduation gift, confirmation gift or student gift. Everything is gathered right here for you to be inspired by. At the same time, maybe you can find ideas for what to put on your own wish list for Christmas or your birthday if that’s around the corner.

It’s always great to get a different and unique present in form of a nice accessory, which the receiver might not have bought for herself, but which the gift-giver thinks is perfect for her personal style. A gift can hardly get more personal than that. There are many great ideas to give a gift particularly chosen based on the receiver personal style and taste. It could be a nice handbag in beautiful colours for your friend, a chic wallet or purse for your mother-in-law or a pair of soft knitted gloves for your grandmother.

If you’re looking for a romantic girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day, we’ll recommend a pair of our cute, feminine underwear or lingerie. Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present? How about an exclusive silk scarf or a soft wool scarf, which can be used for several years to come? We have so many great accessories at € 75 or below, which are all perfect to give to your mother, sister or your friend.

Are you looking for a gift above € 75, you should check out our other gift category with gifts at € 150 and under. Are you looking for gifts at a smaller budget, check out our gift category with gifts at € 30 and below.